5 New Camping Companions for 2016

girl lying on an airchairWhat better way to escape the stress of modern day city life than by going on a camping adventure? Whether you’re up for a risky venture or you would rather relax in front of a fire roasting marshmallows, a camping trip offers you an outlet away from your hectic daily life. We’ve brought together this list of  great new camping companions to amp up your next camping experience in 2016!


Since comfort is always an issue during camping, the AirChair should be at the top of your camping list for 2016. It’s quick and simple to inflate and can fold down into the size of a potato chip bag once deflated. This great new invention comes in at a light 1.2kg, but fills into an almost 2 meter long air couch. Relax in it yourself or share it with your friends. These inflatable sofas are so versatile and light, you could even get your whole team to bring along one each. They can also double as a floating device for in the lake or by the pool!

Lighthouse Mini Lantern

This new mini lantern by Goal Zero version is smaller than its predecessor but has won the hearts of many. It comes with 210 lumens of brightness and weighs under 250 grams, which makes it a truly great traveling companion! Although small, the lantern can promise you up to 500 hours of light, and can even charge your phone! The dual LED lantern has built in legs, a hook and even magnets so you can mount it anywhere, and it’s easily rechargeable via solar or USB.

Solar Backpack

Who says you need to go off the grid when you are on a camping adventures? Gregory and Goal Zero have come together to produce the Baltoro 75 GZ. This amazing backpack comes with a solar panel that lets you recharge as you hike and soak under the sun. You can also use the panel to just soak up some rays (and electricity) while you’re relaxing in your AirChair at the campsite or on the lake. Use it in conjunction with your mini lantern to make sure you have enough light to get through the night!

Solar Paper

Speaking of solar panels, another great camping investment for 2016 is Solar Paper. Touted to be the the lightest and the thinnest yet the most effective solar charger of it’s size! It may be small but it is big enough to charge an iPhone 6+ in just a few hours! What is even better is that it measures just 3.5 x 7.5 inches so it slips comfortably in your pocket! The “paper” panels clip together using magnet and more panels can easily be added to give you extra power.

genesis camping stoveGenesis Base Camp Stove

With its size and weight, the Genesis Base Camp Stove takes the front seat of the worthwhile camping gadgets of 2016. It is said to be smaller and lighter compared to other stoves and not only that, it also boasts a superior flame control function. Indeed, it definitely entails a second look among the other camp cooking equipment available.  The Genesis Base Camp Stove is a two-burner stove that functions on a traditional propane cylinder. Each burner comes with 10,000 BTUs. Find out more about them here.