No Tricks In A Skateboarding Trick

The term skateboarding trick refers to any trick or maneuver that a skateboarder is able to perform while riding atop his board. This usually provides that added thrill or excitement to the sport of skateboarding especially in the case of international competitions.

A typical skateboarding trick can range from the simple to the difficult type. The early tricks, in particular, are regarded as somewhat simplistic especially when compared to the many maneuvers being performed these days by the present crop of skateboard enthusiasts.

Wheelie Skateboarding TrickNevertheless, the early tricks can still attract a crowd as in the case of the more popular freestyle maneuvers where the skateboarder rides only on two wheels. This particular maneuver is more commonly known as the wheelie, one of several freestyle maneuvers involving two dimensions that were developed during the early years of skateboarding.

Other two-dimensional skateboarding tricks are the pivot and the hippie jump. The former centers on a spin performed on the back of the skate wheels. The latter, meanwhile, involves the use of a bar where a skateboarder will need to jump over while riding his board and landing on the same board at the end of the performance.

A slight modification of the hippie jump is the slalom. With this particular skateboarding trick, two different bars are used and the skateboarder just needs to jump from one board to the other. In order to make the performance more difficult, several barrels are often placed in between the two boards.

Ollie Skateboarding TrickExpectedly, it became the norm in the skateboarding world for the athletes to create new and exciting moves with their boards. That is exactly what Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfrand was able to achieve in 1976 with his so-called ollie trick.

At the time, the ollie maneuver was regarded as a bit revolutionary; nevertheless, it quickly gained worldwide attention for its freshness. The maneuver is basically a jump with the front wheels of the board taking off initially. In order to achieve this, the tail portion of the board has to be snapped gently commencing in the backfoot. Thereafter, the front foot has to slide forward to create the needed altitude.

Tony Alva, on the other hand, is believed to be responsible for the aerial, another popular skateboarding trick. The aerial version used by Alva, however, was a lot simpler as it involved air floating within the confines of empty and abandoned swimming pools. Nevertheless, this became the basis for the further development of the aerial maneuver.

Tony Alva Aerial TrickThese days, aerials come in a variety of versions even as two of these tend to be more acceptable to many skateboarding aficionados. The first involves air floating with either one or both hands gripping the board in order to keep this beneath the feet of the skateboarder. The second version involves a light hold on the board to lessen the accompanying pressure but taking care not to allow the board from slipping away.

One other skateboarding trick is the flip which has been divided into subsets. Of the many flip trick variants developed, the kickflip is easily the most popular. It involves spinning the board several times and in different axes while performing one or two stunts at the same time. As this trick requires a large and open area to operate in, it is usually performed by veteran street skateboarders.

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