Packing Up 4 Must Have Camping Gadgets

Camping is one of those activities intended to make man better appreciate the beauty of life outdoors. As such, camping should be enjoyed with only the bare necessities. However, nowadays some gadgets are considered essential by many (yes you, reading this on your smartphone) that they can hardly be left behind even if to spend life temporarily in the great outdoors.

When it comes to solar camping devices TopFrog Solar know exactly which products you’ll need to make your next trip all the more enjoyable. So, in keeping with the theme of enjoying Mother Nature, here’s a round-up of their four must have solar camping gadgets to keep you powered ‘au naturel’ on your next weekend getaway.

Of the 4 must have solar camping gadgets, those that can provide light are considered most critical. This is especially true if the camping trip is set to last for several nights. With this in mind, a solar-powered light has to be seriously considered. Ideally, try to look for a light capable of storing solar energy that can last for at least 16 hours or perhaps even consider a solar kit with attachments to run your entire camp’s power needs.

In addition, the lights should be examined for durability as the intended camping destination may have generally rugged conditions; mud, sand, it all adds to the adventure! As such, the device should be designed in such a way that it can withstand outdoor life, a waterproof rating is a bonus. You also don’t want anything to complex as you may have to set it up in the dark so light settings that can be easily set or even automated once the sun goes down is a good option.

Solar Spot light and panel

Solar spot light for area lighting around your campsite

Solar spot lights are a camper’s best friend and must be considered among the 5 must have camping gadgets since they can prove to be useful in cases of lost campers, adding extra light away from the campsite and can be used by other campers to spot animals and potential hazards when driving at night. Children and animals love hiding and they’re not always going to be directly in front of your car’s headlights; looking for them, especially at night, can become easier with the help of a spot light that can be held by your passenger in the front seat to scan the treeline.

Solar camp shower

Solar camping shower adds some comfort

Solar showers, meanwhile, are good for campers who want to enjoy a hot shower while enjoying the outdoors. Not all campers want to take their baths in cold waters, and a hot shower is not always available, especially in some of the beautiful island spots like Fraser and Moreton Island. As such, solar showers will prove to be vital in giving you that extra bit of comfort. If you’re traveling with women, they will tell you how essential this is.

Solar showers can be conveniently hanged, and have several interesting features. These include a shower head attachment, a gauge for water temperature, and a soap and shampoo pocket, among other things. A handy tip to make your shower extra comfy is bring a foam mat or two to put on the floor so you’re not standing on sticks and rocks while showering.

Compact solar-powered radios are likewise among the 5 must have camping gadgets worth bringing along. They can be quite handy when the weather suddenly becomes unfriendly and campers need to find out the latest weather situation. Alternatively, radios can provide good soothing music that will make walking around camp more enjoyable.

all-in-one solar radio

This solar radio is also a charger and light

Solar radios are great for keeping up to date with any weather warnings or vital information to your survival in the wilderness. Many solar radios have LED lights built into their systems as an added bonus. They can thus be used as alternative source of light especially in cases where you may need to stray away from the primary light source of the main campsite (like going to the bathroom). Keep the radio close for great tunes and a convenient light source!

One last camping gadget that should not be overlooked is the charging kit. All solar-based camping gadgets will be practically useless if the solar charging kit is not brought along. Given this, it’s always wise to look for a charger kit that supports multiple applications. If you’re a bit handy, you can always build one of these yourself- check out the video below:
For example, the main station of the kit should preferably have both an AC and a USB output. We also recommend either a 12V converter or attachment as many of your camping gadgets will run off this power input such as LED light strips and utility lighting. This should allow any camper to charge as many gadgets as possible. Other than that, the kit should have a sufficient solar panel to charge the unit as this is essential when it comes to harnessing the sun’s energy!

Now this is in no way a full, comprehensive checklist for camping. Nevertheless, the items listed here are a good start to making your next trip into the great outdoors a little more comfortable for everyone involved. Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to live like neanderthals after all!