Surf Spot – Merimbula Bar, Meriumbula

The world class left hander of Merimbula bar is a fickle mistress and takes just the right mix of conditions to really get firing. But when it does, hold onto your boardies as you’re in for a beautiful, hollow and super long ride. The left hander break over the river mouth tidal sands holds to around 3 metres and starts working at around 1 -1.5 metres.

merimbula pointAs the waves pick up, be prepared to share as locals, holiday makers, and Victorian surfers pop up out of nowhere to join the line-up. Merimbula is a top notch holiday destination for many Victorians and New South Wales tourists looking to take advantage of this lengthy leftie and as a result does get quite crowded through the week and especially on the weekends.

For those looking to try their hand at surfing there are a plenty of surf classes operating daily during peak periods between Tathra, Pambula and Merimbula. These beaches have been rated as the safest in the region and are a great place for the uninitiated to familiarise themselves with beach breaks, how to read waves, rips, and swells in an easy to learn environment. All these waves a sand bottomed which is a bit nicer for the amateur rider who is not comfortable dealing with reef or rocks.

To make sure you’re going to get the wave you want when checking the forecast look for a North-West/North-East wind direction with a South-East/East swell for the best chance of seeing that signature hollow tube.

There is also a phantom wave that appears nearby but hasn’t been seen for almost a decade. The Pambula river mouth right produces a ripping right-hander as it unleashes over the sandbank but it needs many years of heavy deluge to swell the river and push the sandbar out to the mouth before it has a chance of firing. Keep this one in your back pocket though folks, La Niña is coming!

Getting There

Merimbula is roughly a six hour drive from Sydney and a seven hour drive from Melbourne. There are multiple bus and train routes stopping at most towns and cities in between. There is also an airport located just outside the city centre if you want to arrive in style.

Where to Stay

As this is quite the holiday destination there are a countless options available, from high end resorts, to camping and everything in between. Our preferred accommodation in Merimbula is the Sapphire Waters Motor Inn. It’s a nice a clean little spot with good facilities and it is close to the bridge so it is an easy walk or drive out to the spot. There are also some good places to eat nearby and the owners Steve and Peta have always been extremely accommodating when a group of us boys.