The Rise of the Swegway

Hoverboard, swegway, smart drifting scooter, and swagway are just some of the common names used to refer to this innovating scooter which seems to be taking over the city streets at the moment. A few months after their inception into the market, they have generated massive popularity from all across the globe, a clear proof that they deliver on their promises of being a revolutionary way to move. The GRGO team were lucky enough to get our hands on the top of the line swegway from one of the major Australian suppliers: eblade.

swegway with LED lightsAre Swegways Hard to Ride?

One of the highlights of riding these swegways is that it they’re pretty damn funky and safer than the traditional model. The developers worked hard to incorporate multiple sensor systems that are meticulously calibrated by experts and taken through a number of rigorous tests to ensure that they are working perfectly.

As you can imagine, the GRGO team loves board sports and we have many skaters and snowboarders on our staff. Because of this, picking up how to ride a swegway came relatively easy to everyone who gave it a crack and most of us were cutting laps of the office trying to set new fastest lap times within 5 minutes. Even for the not so coordinated, the swegway gyro system is quite intuitive and wouldn’t take the average punter more than 15-20 minutes before they were comfortable.

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The eblade swegway we were riding had plenty of power, capable of hauling 100kg plus blokes up inclines steeper than you would expect. Once you have mastered control, navigating traffic light crossings and manoeuvring up gutters becomes more natural. It’s even possible to ride them over short grass although this does require some skill. Oh and don’t be a fool- wear a helmet!

Are Swegways Dangerous?

Skateboards, rollerblades and scooters are more dangerous than a swegway. There is an element of unpredictability when you first begin riding as you find your balance, but once comfortable, the control you have over the smart balance scooter is phenomenal. You can turn and stop on a five cent piece, and to brake all you have to do is lean back on your heels. Even at top speed (12km/h) with a 70kg rider the swegway’s stopping ability was an extremely short distance, often outperforming the rider’s ability to handle the inertia.

The construction of the hoverboards makes them extremely robust. We had a heap of crashes into the walls, each other, gutters, trees, you name it and the scooters held up well with only some minor chips and scratches. The eblade hoverboards have a metal chassis too which makes them able to carry a sustainable amount of weight, we had two people on them at once and they were fine although it was much harder to ride!

Are Swegways Worth it?

are swegways worth it?Another major attribute that fuel the swegway’s popularity is the fact that they’re eco-friendly. Other modes of transport such as cars and buses emit carbon and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere leading to air pollution. The self-balancing scooter runs on batteries that can last for hours, easily able to handle multiple trips to the shops or even your daily commute to work. If you lived less than a few zones from your work, the cost of your swegway would easily be covered by the amount of money saved on bus fare every week, or the weekly cost of fuel and parking. Plus if you are like us and have solar, you can charge your smart board with 100% sustainable energy, making your travel carbon footprint effectively zero!

Justin Bieber has been flossing his riding skills on many YouTube videos that have now gone viral. Other superstars who seem to be addicted to these scooters include Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy, Dean Wayne, and Austin Mahone. No Seth Sentry riding a hoverboard yet which seems kinda weird. Holding out for the real thing huh Seth?

Swegway testDue to the ever-increasing demand for these scooters, the number of companies manufacturing them has increased tremendously. The biggest differences we noticed from our research seems to be the build quality and the battery. Scrolling through the forums we’ve noticed a trend of buyers who got their swegways from eBay for really cheap complaining that the battery doesn’t last anywhere near as long as promised, with a few users cracking open their scooter to discover they’d been given a cheap Chinese made battery.

It is expected that the sales will hit the roof especially during the festive season if the current trend is on point, so if you are looking at purchasing one for Christmas, stick to an Aussie supplier as they will have agreements in place with their manufacturers to ensure quality parts are used, which cannot be guaranteed if you’re buying on other platforms like eBay. These swegways are absolutely awesome and although they won’t replace our cars just yet, they do make the quick trip to the beach, shops, or office way more fun!